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Skin is the most essential part of our body to be taken care of. We make sure that your skinis properly detoxified, refreshed & rejuvenated.

Our treatments provide you with healthy clear & radiant glowing skin to make you feel fresh from within.

Our Skin Services

Luxury Treatments/Facial

  • Anti Pollution(For Sensitive/Allergic & Dehydrated)
  • Volcano (For Oily/Combination)
  • Ocean (For Instant Whitening/Brightening
  • Anti Pollution With Steam Cell (For Wrinkles, Non Surgical Face Lifting )
  • Volcano With Zitderm (For ACNE/Congetion)
  • Ocean With Meladerm (For Pigmentation)
  • Pore Clean Up (For Oily Skin)


A healthy, glowing skin is not only admired and envied, it also adds to the confidence of its owner.

  • Fruit [Herbal Facial]
  • Skin wise Facial
  • Orange Facial with Silk Mask
  • Green Apple Facial with Silk Mask
  • Lemon Facial with Silk Mask
  • Silver Facial
  • Gold Facial with Peel
  • Shenaz Regular Facial
  • Shenaz Gold Facial
  • Fruit Facial with Mold Mask
  • Face Lifting [Non Surgical]
  • Anti Tanning Facial

Face Bleach


  • Fruit Bleach
  • Gold Bleach
  • Oxygen Bleach
  • Full Body Bleach
  • Hand Bleach
  • Half Leg Bleach

Facial with Treatment

  • Diamond Facial (For extra glow)
  • Gold Facial (For extra glow)
  • Facial for sensitive skin (With preparatory mask & glucose mask)
  • Drema protein facial (for matured & wrinkle skin)
  • Facial for oily skin (with preparatory mask & glucose mask)
  • Facial for dry skin (with preparatory mask & glucose mask)
  • Whitening facial (for fare complexion)
  • O3 cleasing (cleasing with dermabresion)
  • O3 peeling (pealing with glucose mask)
  • Eye treatment with aloderma (for dark circles)
  • O3 pimple treatment (with seaweeds & ampoules)
  • Dermal zon facial